Ajmeri lives in Dublin, Ohio with her husband and their 8 year old daughter. She first moved to Ohio to attend The Ohio State University in 2002 and her parents bought their first home in the Dublin school district a year later. Ajmeri went to college and later law school from home; which allowed her to be apart of the Dublin community to experience firsthand all the growth and changes in Dublin for almost two decades. In 2010, when she graduated from Capital Law School, she and her husband moved to NYC so he could complete his residency program. In 2013, they returned to Ohio specifically to live in the Dublin area.

Since returning to Ohio, Ajmeri has been a prosecutor and currently is a trial attorney. As a trial attorney, she fights for everyday people. Her clients aren’t big businesses and corporations; they are people like you and me. In her role as a trial attorney, she finds solutions for her clients that require negotiation and bridge building, she also knows when to stand her ground. She will bring those same skills to City Council to usher in a better future for everyone.